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The Warden and Tutor Team

Like all halls at the University of Nottingham Broadgate Park has a Warden and a team of Tutors attached to it.  We live at Broadgate Park, amongst the students and we are all staff members or postgraduate students at the University.  We are here not only to look after the welfare and discipline of students, but to also make the experience of living at Broadgate as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.  There is someone available 24 hours a day, so you are always able to contact us if needed.

The role and responsibility of the Warden and Tutors changes according to the differing needs of each new group of students.   We are equipped to deal with everything from homesickness to the day to day issues of living in a hall of residence. However, our main areas of responsibility can be categorised into four areas:

The welfare of students is our primary concern, but we are not here to take on the role of parents.  We are here to offer a sympathetic ear, or to provide advice and information as needed.  You should see us as the first point of contact for any issues you may have while residing at Broadgate Park.  

For the majority of the time your experience of Broadgate will be a pleasurable one, however, unfortunately there are occasions when disciplinary action will need to be taken against certain students.  Understandably, like any community, Broadgate Park is governed by a set of rules.  Our rules are issued by the University.  It is down to the resident tutors to enforce these rules and take appropriate disciplinary action against any student.  
A full copy of the University's Code of Discipline can be found at: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/registrar/calendar/code-of-discipline.pdf  .

Leaving friends and family can be one of the most daunting aspects of coming to University.  As such, we are keen to encourage you to socialise and build friendships with other students, both in and out of halls.  Working in partnership with the JCR we organise various events are through the academic year.

Due to our vast experience of living, studying and working in the hall we are well equipped to liaise university departments in order to ensure that your academic and social needs are being met.